Making the List

  • Agency : CHE Proximity
  • Place : Australia
Advertiser :
  • Logo is a Danish toys company
Objective / insight
  • For many parents, Christmas isn’t complete without sitting down after the present opening to wade through a fresh LEGO instruction booklet and shiny new bricks. Problem is, the 85-year-old brand continuously has to fight off the season’s fad toys to stay at the top of Australian kids Christmas wish-lists
  • To make this brand appeal to children of our days throughout the competitive Christmas season, Lego introduced “Making The List” by creating the most popular toys of the season from Lego bricks
Implemented strategy
  • When parents shopped online for toys or gifts for kids: My Little Pony, iPads, Drones… Lego hacked their search with a LEGO version, for example, a drone build from LEGO bricks – in order to remind those gift-givers of, and to reinforce LEGO’s point of difference : LEGO has endless possibilities and can be any toy a child wishes for
  • The shopper could then purchase the LEGO set that the toys were built from
Technology implemented
  • The team gathered and analysed 400 key word groups from Google’s search data
  • Then data from Google search is aggregated with retailer purchase data, and their predictions leading into Christmas
  • The output was a propensity model that gave them a view of the toys that would be the most popular at Christmas
  • With a media spend of just $55,000, The LEGO products featured in the campaign increased their share of total LEGO sales from 2.2% in October (non-campaign period) to 10% in December (campaign period).


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