Meet your new dog !

  • Agency : Pedigree
  • Place : U.S.A.
Advertiser :
  • Pedigree is a pet food company created in 1957.
Objective / insight
  • During the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people were forced to stay at home.
  • Therefore, everyone was not comfortable to take the risk to travel up to a puppy.
  • To arrange it, Pedigree decided to support dogs’ adoptions by implemented videos meetings between a would-be pet parent and puppies to facilitate adoptions. This way none the employees or the pet parents would take a risk.
Implemented strategy
  • The new Pedigree “Dogs on Zoom” campaign presents a new way to adopt dogs during the lockdown by the using the Zoom conferencing tool.
  • This solution allowed people to meet their new pet without any real contact and protect the future owner and the employees.
  • Zoom conferencing has ramped up as a significant communication solution for people stuck at home during coronavirus lockdowns.
  • Either for school, work or virtual social meetings, lots of people have been using the videoconferencing tool, and Pedigree is the latest brand looking to make the most of the platform in order to help people maintaining a semblance of normalcy and allowing them to adopt a pet.
Technology implemented
  • On the Pedigree website, Internet users can assist to several Zoom meetings planned by the brand on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 5 p.m. during May.
  • The first adoption session took place on May 11th with the Nashville Humane Association and on the website
  • Adopted dogs will be delivered to their new homes via curbside drop off to avoid any contact.
  • Pedigree commits in pay all adoption fees for any dog featured and adopted on Dogs on Zoom. Plus, they will cover the Zoom membership and the equipment costs for the shelter.
  • Furthermore, pictures of adoptable puppies are also available on Instagram and Facebook.
  • More than 3.000 people have been watching the 1st meet up on May, 11th.
  • Number of adopted pets is not available yet as the gatherings are still in progress.


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