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  • Agency : The Monkeys (Accenture Interactive)
  • Place : Australia
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  • Memories is a digital platform created in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. The purpose of this media is to guard the different stories of a family or group of friends. Creators see their platform as a way to store different moments of the life of someone and its family in order to have it until the end of time.
Objective / insight
  • Memories is launching a new product feature for its app that will allow people to leave a real trace of their existence on Earth. The feature is named Future Messages and has been conceived in order to help people to still be in the life of their loved ones, even after their death. It is a manner to stay in touch and anticipate the idea of death. The campaign features a video of a young boy who has grown up without his grandfather in his corner. His grandfather didn’t’ get the chance to live some of his biggest moments in life such as its 18th birthday, which is seen in the video.
  • The feature has been used here in order to showcase his grandfather leave him a message in a reality where he had the chance to see it via the application, as a testimony. The message behind the video is strong and powerful and the goal of the people at Memories is to open the gate for innovation when it comes to the communication between generations and a way for people, to build a legacy that can be seen by their descendants in the future.
Implemented strategy
  • To use this feature, you will have to download Memories that is available on the App Store (Apple) and the Google Play Store (Android) and get started. You can create a profile with your e-mail address or sign in with Facebook or Google. You will access the home page that contains two features, the first one which are the Timelines, where you can add content called Memories to a Timeline, which will gathered all your content for you and your family. Those Timelines are typically photo galleries, with videos up to 1GB to upload and registered by date and location for a better experience.
  • The new feature from Memories is called Future Messages, it allows you the chance to store messages that can be seen in the future by their receptor. You just have to select the feature in the home page and you will be redirected somewhere you will have to upload your files (it can be a photo or video) from your library or other. You can add a message to the “memory” and it will be directed to the person that you selected previously. You need to enter its name, email, phone number and delivery date. Those Future messages can also be added to a Timeline. To capture memories, you can take a picture/video or scan it, import it and share it with family and friends.
Technology implemented
  • The Memories application is free to download, with micro-transactions, available in the App Store and Google Play Store. The app has been powered and developed by the Memories Team.
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