MNTN, all in one


  • Agency : Maximum Effort
  • Place : USA
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  • MNTN (pronounced “mountain”) is a marketing software platform considered as the fastest growing one in Connected TV, enabling marketers to launch and measure performance-based campaigns.  The company aims to exploit the power of television by creating advertising software for brands to generate measurable conversions, revenue, site visits and more.
Objective / insight
  • For the past 20 years, advertising focus was on social and paid search as these were easier to develop and operate. Nowadays, the making process behind an ad creation is expensive and time consuming. MNTN offers to reduce these costs and time spent and thus benefits from the explosion of streaming TV consumption. MNTN methods aim to accelerate the adoption of connected TV as a performance marketing channel. Here is a quote from Ryan Reynolds (MNTN’s Chief Creative Officer) that summarize the company spirit: “A simpler, faster and hopefully funnier way to get great creative with less of the soul-sucking parts”.
Implemented strategy
  • As the Connected TV is in intense growth, MNTN saw a unique opportunity to bring creative and media back together. To complete this achievement, the tech company acquires the creative advertising brand called Maximum Effort Marketing earlier this year. This business buy-out enables it to propose the “Creative-as-a-Subscription” (CaaS) offer where the whole ad creation is centralized. CaaS suits everyone. MNTN has partnerships with agencies and production companies with which customers can collaborate if they do not work with their own agencies.
Technology implemented
  • Users get a free demo before any step in the process and are then guided through it while providing data. Brands share with MNTN company data, information about their objectives, their products before creative teams came on with ideas. The platform enables customers to be involved at minimum on the ad structure. However, they can be very specific about what they want to be included.
  • MNTN wanted to change the TV ad creation and production world by combining both into a single subscription. The platform was recognized as a dominant force in the market already but can expect to grow a lot since the recent release of the «Creative-as-a Subscription”. Earlier this December, MNTN has received an award for its marketing software platform.


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