Be a model with Zalando

  • Agency : Pavillon Noir
  • Place : France
Advertiser :
  • Created in 2008 by David Schneider and Robert Gentz. Zalando is a German e-commerce company specializing in the sale of shoes and clothing. The brand is active in 17 countries. The company has arrived in France in 2010.
Objective / insight
  • This autumn, Zalando chooses to present its collection set up for this season in a particular way. Companies and brands have been using AR in order to make their customers live a unique experience, customized by them and ensure their loyalty. It is more obvious in the fashion world where the word “creative” is prominent and at the core of the business. With AR, people are more willing to talk back about their experience with the brands that will improve the quality of the content. In other words, it is so much better to be informed of something new this way and Zalando understood it.
  • Their next campaign for this autumn goes this way, and they make things go bigger than usual by putting huge displays in the Concorde district which is not far from the famous Jardin des Tuileries in Paris. Those displays have something special compared to others, they contain an AR code that can open an animated mode made with AR technology. With this code, people are able to share their unique styles that will be gathered as a gallery, available via the AR code. By scanning this code, you can see all the different styles that have been posted this way and add yours if you feel like it. The operation will be set up from October 2 to 31, 2020.
Implemented strategy
  • The 2020 Autumn Campaign by Zalando gives people an opportunity to show off their style in front of the continuous crowd that pass by the Concorde district. As a “fashion addict”, you have to use the AR code, present in the interactive display, you will be able to consult the animated gallery, by using the hashtag #ZalandoRéinvente on Instagram.
  • There is a chance to appear in the different screens present in the Concorde district by participating in a contest hosted by different fashion influencers such as @Paolalct, @Sundyjules, @nourhene, @sulivangwed, @noholita, @carla_ginola. Those fashion influencers, present on Instagram are going to join the campaign, and people will have the chance to be a part of the interactive gallery of the Concorde district alongside with them.
Technology implemented
  • The Zalando Fall-Winter collection was deployed in augmented reality, via the scan of a QR code. The campaign is powered by AR technology, thought by Zalando and Pavilion Noir, in order to create an immersive experience to potential customers that will pass by the district and for regulars who want to have a chance to appear on the big screen present in one of the most beautiful places in Paris. Using AR codes in this situation is pertinent because Zalando creates good ways for people to interact with them. People are always on their smartphones and it is so easy to find a good-fashioned picture of you in your smartphone gallery. AR codes brings an entire new dimension to the experience and allow you to get into the universe of what have been thought for you.
  • The operation end in October 31, 2020. There is nearly 500 publications on Instagram.


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