• Agency : MullenLowe SSP3 Bogota
  • Place : Colombia
  • Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, is the national executive ministry of the Government of Colombia responsible for overseeing the information and communication technologies
Objective / insight
  • In Colombia, more than 90% of the territory is still rural. It’s hard to achieve social equality in those circumstances
  • Many Colombians did not have access to computers or smartphones so they could not access the internet due to their remote geographical location
  • Despite this, many owned standard mobile phones that could make and receive phone calls
  • The Ministry of Communications & Technology wanted equal information access across its country despite de low rate of penetration of internet
Implemented strategy
  • The idea of “My Line” project was that anyone with access to a standard phone line would be brought the power of Google Assistant
  • “My line” allows the population that is currently marginalised from internet sourced information (remote villages, illiterate population, the visually impaired, etc.) to have access through voice calls
  • Via this service, users can ask Google Assistant a question over the phone, they would then receive a verbal response from the virtual assistant
Technology implemented
  • The “My Line” service is powered by Google artificial intelligence and Google Cloud Platform
  • After placing a call to a regular local telephone number, the caller can ask Google Assistant a question. In just a second or two, the service will process the question in a custom software and connect with Google Systems in the cloud. My line receives the response and speaks it back to the caller by phone
  • Now many Colombians in romate areas are allowed to have access to information on the internet without having internet
  • The case Won Cannes Lions of Communication 2018


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