Mycarpulse Super ID

  • Agency : ZenithOptimedia Shanghai
  • Place :  China
  • SAIC  is a Chinese state-ownedautomotive design and manufacturing company
Objective / insight


  • China has the single highest traffic deaths in the world and 165,000+ auto breakdowns annually, many of which can be avoided with better car maintenance.
  • in China many drivers are first-generation in their family and didn’t grew up learning car driving and maintenance in their youth. For them, cost, time and location are all barriers to good maintenance of car
  • 10% of cars in China are SAIC- GM manufactured. SAIC-GM sees a social responsibility to raise people’s awareness to about car maintenance issues


Implemented strategy


  • The campaign created a unique ID, “MyCarPulse” for each cars to interact with individual owners
  • “MyCarPulse” individualized cars with hyper-personalized messages that allowed owners to get timely lifestyle-relevant feedbacks from their car and also bring to live their on-the-road experiences
  • Hyper-personalized wechat/sms communication is also integrated in each Mycarpulse ID to provide to owners with educational contents and to encourage them to go for car maintenance service
Technology implemented


  • Each owner’s profile (life style, driving pattern, car condition) is analyzed and identified by AI-powered 5-dimension algorithme. Thus reports can be delivered at the least disruptive and most relevant times to each car owner
  • Owners’ profiles are drawn from AI-powered state-of-the-art HADOOP framework of CRM, dealership, OnStar & WeChat community databases


  • More than double increase in maintenance service reservation rate
  • SAIC Owner club registrations increased by 30%
  • Word-of-mouth was so strong that “MyCarPulse” will become an always-on service from second-half of 2017
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