Outthink Melanoma 

  • Agency : Oglivy
  • Place :  Australia
  • IBM, a multinational technology company
Objective / insight


  • Melanoma kills 1 Australian every 6 hours
  • Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer but, ironically, also the easiest to treat with survival rate which can top 98%. The key of a successful treatment is spotting melanoma early
Implemented strategy


  • IBM Watson is a cognitive system that uses machine learning to solve difficult problems
  • In Australia, Watson is working to help skin cancer experts detect melanoma sooner and more accurately
Technology implemented


  • IBM invented the Watson Smart Mirror, an simple engaging collection method powered by artificial intelligence
  • Some Australians were invited to meet Watson in-person though the Smart mirrors at Bordi, Watson analysed each individual and assessed their overall melanoma risk
  • Full skin checks were recommended for those at high risk
  • IBM also drove Australians to share their melanoma story on social media. Every tweet and photo helped Watson to understand melanoma, which means for those who couldn’t meet Watson in person, sharing their photos and stories on social media meant they were still able to contribute data


  • 45,6 million media impressions
  • 4,88 million engagements
  • 22% of people who met Watson had on-site skin check, and 40% of them were then referred onto a dermatologist.