Photo Coach

  • Agency : 360i
  • Place : USA, NYC
  • Canon is a company specialized in optical products, including cameras, photocopiers and printers.
Objective / insight
  • The brand decided to help all photographers of NYC to realize easily a beautiful photos.
Implemented strategy
  • The brand created intelligent billboards and equipped trucks with giant monitors to provide personalized photographies advices
Technology implemented
  • Social listening to identify the most photographed areas of NYC.
  • The display panels integrated the data in real time, with a customized program in order to be able to deliver real-time photo-relevant advices.
  • Used API data : such as light, weather, traffic, location and events
  • 1485% increase in time spent with brand
  • 2MM+ street impresionns
  • 31% increase in weekly Social Shares
  • 27 MM+ Earnaed Media Impressions