R U OK? : A life-changing conversation!

  • Agency : R U OK?
  • Place : Australia
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  • R U OK? Is an Australian non-profit organization founded by Gavin Larkin that dedicates itself for suicide prevention.
  • JC Decaux is a French industrial group specializing in urban advertising on various types of street furniture. The multinational company is known for its advertising present in bus stop systems and self-service bicycle rental systems.
Objective / insight
  • The global pandemic has been touching people’ lives at its deepest. In fact, people have been summoned to distance themselves from others. That gap has been imposed by the need to stay safe and can cause psychological problems for some people, especially for the frail-minded people. It is important to stay in touch with each other and to take care of our mental health. JC Decaux is partnering with suicide prevention charity R U OK? in order to accompany populations during those special times.  They created a panel that works with voice recognition “to trigger both on-screen and verbal responses.”
  • The objective behind it is to help people stay connected with each other and to support people that have been dealing with something in life, whether it is because of the virus or just in general. This initiative coincides with the World Suicide Prevention Day and R U OK? Day on September 10 as an extension of the message of prevention of those days. It is important to keep fighting with the people that have been struggling mental health to prevent them to feel lost and alone and to commit suicide. It is also important for the essential workers that are in the frontline against this pandemic to get more positive messages and empowerment from the people.
Implemented strategy
  • Users have to step up on the floor decal that is installed in front of the panel to activate it. When you are on the platform, you need to say the following three words “Are you ok”. The screen is going to respond “yes” or “no” and at this moment, you will be directed by the panel in order to create an engaging conversation that will train people to know how to deal with those that have mental issues. It is like having a conversation with someone that is struggling. The process shows you how to react with someone who might be struggling.
Technology implemented
  • JCDecaux panel has voice-recognition technology “to trigger on-screen and verbal responses”. With their platform, JCDecaux wants to connect people with organizations during those uncertain times and this panel is a good outlet to expand good social media messages. It is important to stay connected with each other and disseminate the good messages over the long term.
  • 31% of the people are not sure how to deal with someone in this situation. R U OK? reported that a large portion of people aware of this initiative has been feeling more confident due to the fact that they know that they are speaking to a person that suffers from mental issues. This campaign shows the amount of importance that this campaign brings to the table.


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