Re : scam

  • Agency : DDB Group New Zealand
  • Place : Worldwide
Advertiser :
  • Netsafe is a New Zealand’s non-profit online safety organization.
Objective / insight
  • Email scamming is a worldwide billion-dollar (iligal) industry with millions of victims every year. Anyone can be one of the victims anywhere.
  • Rather than simply delete the mail or warn users of the scam, Netsafe wanted to help people to fight back against scammers until they stop.
Implemented strategy
  • When people receive a spam mail, rather than deleting the mail, they forward the suspicious mail to Re : scam.
  • The AI chatbot will firstly identifies the scam, then begin a never-ending conversation, so scammers waste their time instead of focusing on real targets.
  • With multiple personalities, an ever-growing vocabulary and the ability to generate false account information, there’s no way for scammers to know they’re talking to a computer.
  • Users can share the conversations and communicate with the bot via social media.
Technology implemented
  • Re : scam is powered by Artificial Intelligence, capable of assuming multiple personas, engaging scammers in a two-way, ongoing exchange, it can even imitate real human tendencies by using humor and making grammatical errors.
  • All data collected during their dialogues with scammers will help to bring down criminals by exposing their vulnerabilities.
  • During the first two weeks after the launch, Re : scam has been forwarded over 170,000 scam emails by scam-fighters across the globe – including  Australia, the USA, across Europe and the UK.
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