• Agency : Fallon
  • Place : UK
  • Skoda, a Czech car manufacturer, subsidiary of the Volkswagen group
Objective / insight
  • After a very succesful, « A little bit of the tour campaign» in the UK (see previous article «  a little bit of the Tour »), Skoda had to find a new way to promote its new SUV, the Skoda Kodiaq.
  • The Czech brand decided to name its new campaign « Reconnect», thereby encouraging people to leave the busy cities and to reconnect with what truly matters – in that case, nature.
Implemented strategy
  • Instead of just focusing on technical performances, like Skoda often did in the past, this campaign focused on emotions and lifestyle. One of four extremely beautiful sceneries in the UK – Rye (East Sussex) Waste Water (Lake district) Black Rock Sands (In the North of Wales) and Weybourne (Norfolk) – appeared on the digital billboards promoting the new SUV
  • On top of that, Skoda used real time traffic information to give passerby the exact time they would need to reach one of those destination if they left right away in a Skodia Kodiaq
Technology implemented
  • Live traffic information has been used by algorithms to calculate travel durations
  • Digital billboards, updated in real –time, provided a physical support to the campaign
  • Undisclosed
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