• Agency : PHD Syndney
  • Place : Australia
Advertiser :
  • Red Rock Deli is an Australian food brand specialized in chips with innovative flavors.
Objective / insight
  • In Australia, Red Rock Deli is a premium chips brand famous for providing the innovative flavor combinations in the salty snack category.
  • In 2018, the brand opened their first pop-up store “Taste. They wanted consumers to experience the atmosphere associated with a boutique or luxury store, instead of a chaotic food store.
  • Traditional social media campaigns are typically used to drive as much traffic as possible rather than controlling the visit for the sake of visitors’ experience.
  • Thus, Red Rock Deli decided to reinvent their real-time digital campaign in order to insure enough quality time of visit in the pop-up store for every consumer.
Implemented strategy
  • Red Rock Deli’s Sync to Sales campaign implemented the use of digital media in the smartest way possible to create and maintain an orderly and atmospheric brand experience in Taste Space.
  • A data-driven media campaign was central to achieving this because it informed and influenced the distribution of digital media activity in real time, which in turn managed the orderly flow of traffic to Taste Space.
  • Data was the conductor of a beautifully orchestrated digital media campaign that produced a foolproof tune of visitors flowing in to taste Red Rock Deli’s latest flavor combinations.
Technology implemented
  • By creating a three-way link between Taste Space live sales, our digital trade desk and our ad-sever, a seamless automated process was initiated every 10-minutes.
  • 1), An API feed was built between the ‘Taste Space’ point of sales system and our digital trade desk, allowing the team to see in real time the sales volumes and flavors being sold.
  • 2), Digital trade desk used rule-based machine learning to raise or lower the bid to buy digital media, which was geo-targeted to the stores general area.
  • 3), The ad-server also deployed dynamic advertising based on trending flavor variants, specifically avoiding unavailable flavors to avoid failing to meet consumer expectations in-store. Overtime the algorithm became more sophisticated and predictive, reacting within minutes of a drop or peak in sales, therefore creating a digital campaign which optimized itself in real time.
  • A 41% uplift in the brand image metrics ‘Are Great Tasting’.
  • A 38% uplift in brand image ‘Have flavours you like’.


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