Redefine Meat through the 3D print

  • Agency : Redefine Meat
  • Place : Israel
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  • Redefine Meat is a food start-up founded in 2018. At a time when meat based on vegetable proteins is already well established in our menus, it wanted to go further. The great feature of Redefine Meat products comes from their design: a 3D printer deals with the creation of your steak.
Objective / insight
  • Livestock farming uses 77% of the agricultural land for only 20% of the global food supply and a high consumption of red meat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Thus, Redefine Meat aims “to create a world where anyone can enjoy great meat without compromise”, providing a wealthier, more sustainable but still as tasty alternative to the animal meat.
Implemented strategy
  • In June 2020, Redefine Meat started producing its first steaks from an industrial scale 3D print. Since then, the Israeli start-up implement this technology inside the company and can reach a production of 10 kg of vegetal meat/hour. The brand wants to make its products accessible to as many people as possible. The plan is to establish itself in starred restaurants across the world before the end of this year (Germany, Netherlands) where it offers a variety of recipes and meats, from nuggets and burgers to kebabs and sausages.
Technology implemented
  • Finally let’s focus on what makes this start-up so special: the 3D print. A new technology appeared few years ago that can create objects of all kinds from a 3D sketch. Redefine Meat took this technology in its advantage to create the first 3D printed meat. The process consists in stacking layers of materials based on a plant protein paste until a steak form is reached. Not only the form is respected with the 3D print but so is the authentic texture and taste.
  • This year, Redefine Meat had some major improvements: the start- up reached 100 employees and launched a Pop-up store restaurant in Israel where were sold thousands of New-Meat dishes.


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