Remote Cheerer

  • Agency : Yamaha Corporation
  • Place : Japan
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  • Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese multinational company specialized in the sale of several types of products such as musical instruments and electronic equipment.
Objective / insight
  • It really became tough to enjoy live events linked to music, sports or any sort of events with large crowds. There were leagues from several sports that have been shuted down in order to protect our health in this particular context that we are living in.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted important sports such as the basketball and the football during the past few months. Several sports leagues have just resumed these last few days, but in reduced space with reinforced security measures. It implies the non-presence of an audience during matches.
  • In the world of sports, it is very important to maintain the relationship that exists between players and the public, which can be looked as a virtuous circle. In fact, players show their love and support for their team that is galvanized by it.
  • With this idea, Yamaha Corporation wanted to give to the fans, a tool that will sound out their support for their favorite team and bring back some semblance of a game but with them staying safe at home.
Implemented strategy
  • You will need to download the Viewer Application which will allow you to send different types of cheers through speakers posted in the stadiums where the game is being played.  It is all about selecting the cheer button that you want. It can be an applause, a shout or even a “boo” if you feel like it.
  • There are features such as the choice of different type of cheers/applauses and the possibility to modify some of them in order to adapt your mood in function of what is happening during the match.
  • Users can choose where their noise will come from in the stadium and the headphones have been placed to make sure that the atmosphere stay the most realistic possible.
Technology implemented
  • The system Remote Cheer is powered with a SoundUD (Universal Design) system which is an audio wireless transmission technology that can be used with regular speakers.
  • This technology is mainly used to relay information with a smartphone through sound. In this case, this system is useful to transfer the live reactions of the fans, by connecting the system to speakers placed in stadiums and places where people are normally gathering to watch a game.
  • You will need to have a smartphone with the following IOS: Safari (Apple), Android (Samsung, Huawei, LG etc.…) and you can also use the app in its PC/web browser (mobile) version through Google Chrome.
  • 26 clubs from the J1, J2 and J3 football leagues from Japan have agreed to contribute to the tests of the Remote Cheering System.
  • The Project leader from Yamaha Corporation, Yuki Seto announced that 300,000 users have already used the system with 18 million taps of support.
  • On May 13th, Yamaha has also tested the system in a 50,000-seater Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA, known for being one of the most famous ones in Japan.
  • This project is actually in beta test (in development) and has already been used in hospitals to help elders to get general information.


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