• Agency : Good Moscow
  • Place :  Russia
  • Sberbank is Russia’s largest bank
Objective / insight
  • Retailers and service providers in Russian cities are often strangely located.
  • Data show that infrastructure often doesn’t meet local needs
  • Only 20% of new ventures survives the first two years
  • Sberbank want to run a campaign for small business loans, as well as to demonstrate technological leadership and support for small businesses.


Implemented strategy
  • Sberbank uses empty window fronts, billboards and geo targeted online banners to ask locals’ opinions, offering algorithm generated solutions
  • Data gathered from local residents is used to create new unique ads for businesses
  • The bank runs customized communication campaigns with thousands of target audiences.
  • Non-standard media channels, forecasting models and predictive algorithms are used to reach target audiences on-and off-line.
Technology implemented
  • Hundreds of outdoor ads and over 3,000 unique online banners asking for locals’ opinions on algorithm-generated business ideas for the neighborhood
  • Suggestions are based on broad range of data
  • Locals responses initiate an advertising  campaign targeting  suitable businesses
  • Messages are sent to all the bank’s business clients that fit the local need. Forecasting models are used to reach suitable entrepreneurs online
  • 9x as many business responses than traditional loan advertising campaigns
  • 30% more cost-efficient
  • 3x as many customers take business development loans.
  • With reach response the algorithm learns to offer better choices for both locals and businesses.
  • Sberbank has been approached by major Russian real estate developers to collaborate on better infrastructure planning in areas