ShotTracker & Keemotion

  • Agency : R/GA
  • Place :  USA and Europe
  • Keemotion, a 2014-founded company offering automated broadcasting and data generation solutions for basketball games. Their technology has, for example, be chosen by SFR Sport.
Objective / insight
  • Nowadays, many basketball games can only be seen in the arena since the cost of offering a high quality broadcasting is sometimes too high
  • Statistical data about the game is normally entered by human employees and is either not very specific or not given instantly
Implemented strategy
  • Keemotion developed an automatic broadcasting equipment and a cutting edge software, that operates without neither cameraman nor statistician
  • Due to lesser costs, new leagues and games can therefore be broadcasted online and on TV. As an example, The top women’s basketball league in France only streamed four games a week before partnering with Keemotion. Now it is over 20.
  • Basketball fans have therefore an instant access to key events of games online, events that they would never have been able to watch without being in the arena otherwise
  • Fans can also now have access to the statiscal performance of each player in real time. Many coaches and managers even use Keemotion to analyze their games faster and more conveniently. The Golden State Warriors and Columbia University can, for example, be found among Keemotion’s customer
Technology implemented
  • Pattern recognition algorithms have been developed thanks to a massive database of basketball games
  • All the equipment is totally automated. No human intervention is needed.
  • Cloud technology has been implemented to share videos in real time
  • Operating for 6 professional leagues
  • Partnering with professional clubs from 10 different countries
  • Recorded over 16,000 games, most of which would never have been recorded otherwise