• Agency : Happiness Saigon
  • Place : Vietnam
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  • Lay’s is a brand of potato chip varieties, as well as the name of the company that founded the chip brand in the United States. The Lay’s brand is securing a comfortable market share in the Chips market. It is also the first grocery brand in the world to launch flavored crisps.
Objective / insight
  • People like to eat while watching their favorite YouTubers, but it can be difficult to hear the audio while crunching and munching. Lay’s is the crispiest of all the chips. Crispy Subtitles is the solution to this issue, and it improves everyone’s video viewing experience.
  • To ensure that the branding was consistent with the global name, PepsiCo Vietnam rebranded Poca’s potato snack products to Lay’s in 2019. Poca is also used on some items, such as snack flavors and fishskin peanuts. Alan Cerutti, Happiness Saigon’s co-founder and CEO, told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that the company’s goal for 2021 is to own the definition of crunchy delicious enjoyment.
  • Lay’s has felt the need to actively build brand recognition to ensure it stays top of mind since the rebranding in 2019. « What better way to be iconic than to be present in the most important consumer journey moment? The act of eating chips while watching videos is so universal, » Cerutti elaborated.
Implemented strategy
  • All you have to do is to download for free the extension available on the Google Chrome store globally, install it and get started watching your favorite YouTube videos.
Technology implemented
  • The team used 178 hours of crisp chip crunch sounds collected from around the world to train an AI to build a one-of-a-kind plugin that can detect and unlock subtitles the second it detects a crunch, allowing viewers to snack without missing a thing.
  • The subtitles are produced automatically in the default language of the video. Alternatively, it can use the language you specified in the settings.
  • Lay’s appears to have benefited from the initiative, as it has gained traction on a prominent closed Facebook community in Vietnam called « Maybe You Missed This F***king News, » which has 678.8k members. « Even without mentioning Lay’s, many people associated the plugin with the brand, which was great. Also, Vietnam is not an easy market to get free earned media. It is common practice to pay for editorial coverage, » Cerutti said. He did mention, however, that the team did not pay a cent for any editorial papers this time around and was still able to get publicity for the Crispy Subtitles.


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