Social Tools

  • Agency : Denkwerk
  • Place : Germany
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  • Black & Decker Corporation is an American manufacturer of power tools, accessories, hardware and home improvement product.
Objective / insight
  • In the German market, Black&Decker faces the challenge that its products are available in fewer and fewer stores.
  • Out of traditional stores, more and more young housing tools users are sharing their ideas as well as housing tools online.
  • Due to these circumstances, the brand’s decided to work towards consistent digitalization with its solution “Social Tools”, in order to seduce the urban target group that is still very much interested in DIY, but no longer in traditional hardware stores.
Implemented strategy
  • The brand decided to make a virtual smart cupboard of tools in the definition of “sharing economy”, because people don’t have to own things in order to have them.
  • The smart tool cupboard can be downloaded as a mobile application, in which users can find the catalogue of call the digitalized Black & Decker products.
  • Using an app, tools can be borrowed or reserved and an exchange with the community is possible. The billing is also done via this app.
Technology implemented
  • The cupboard can be unlocked via the app. It’s color coding system shows which tools are available (white LEDs) or unavailable (red LEDs).
  • Each returned tool is automatically scanned by an RFID chip and marked in the app as available.
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