By Bose
  • Agency : Wunderman Thompson Dubai
  • Place : United Arab Emirates
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  • Bose is an American company created in 1964 and based in Framingham, Massachusetts. The company mainly sells audio equipment.
Objective / insight
  • The Covid-19 has changed a lot of habits around the world. One of them is people are now obliged to work from home. In terms of home office people are unequal in front of noise pollution.
  • All workers do not have the chance to work in a quiet and peaceful environment: children, neighbors using hammer, music, quarrels… all of those different situations are have an effect on people’s concentration and focus.
  • Therefore those situations inhibit productivity during working hours. To go against it, Bose had to reinvented itself by helping home offices becoming quiet.
Implemented strategy
  • To allow people to work quietly from home, Bose launches “Noise-O-Meter” developed by Wunderman Thompson Dubai.
  • Launched only in United Arab Emirates to highlight the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, they had the idea to offer a discount on this product depending on the decibels level of your office home: the louder the home office, the higher the discount. “If your home office is loud, make it count”.
  • Bose new campaign is running in several countries (Australia, New Zealand, US or in Europe) and encourages everyone to #StayNoisy because the headphones are of course blocking all the noise out.
  • Pablo Maldonado, Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Dubai, explains: “Unwelcome decibels are everywhere, from the whooshing hairdryer to that rattling washing machine and those boisterous neighbours. We wanted people to have some fun even as they save more and bring the calm inside. What makes Noise-O-Meter extra rewarding for us is the fact that it was dreamt up and brought to life from our home offices!
Technology implemented
  • “Noise-O-Meter” measures the ambient noises of your home and converts decibels into discount coupons.
  • The device uses a first-of-its-kind algorithm engineered to interpret sound data from ambient noises.
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