Sword Phoenix, the first digital therapist

  • Agency : N/A
  • Place : Portugal
  • Sword Health, a Portuguese start-up founded in 2014
Objective / insight
  • The demand for physiotherapy worldwide is largely exceeding the offer, especially because of the shortage of qualified physiotherapists
  • Sword Health therefore aimed at enabling physiotherapists to remotely supervise the progress of their patients thanks to new technologies
Implemented strategy
  • After the physiotherapist has assessed the patients needs’ and prescribed a rehabilitation program, the Sword Phoenix technology can be implemented. Motion trackers are used to track the patient movements, an AI analyses them, and the results of the training are sent directly to the therapist
  • An app has also been developed to help the patient to follow his program, track his performances and contact his therapist
Technology implemented
  • Very light motion trackers are used
  • Algorithms check the data provided by the motion trackers
  • An app provides real time feedback to the patient as well as to the therapist
  • 91% adherence to the program
  • 20% better performance compared to traditional therapy
  • 9.3/10 Patient satisfaction
  • $1.2 million grant from the EU
  • $4.6 million in seed funding


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