Étiquette : Artificial Intelligence

Top Gifting Choice by Uniqlo

By Uniqlo

In China, young adults always bring gifts to their elder family members when they go back to hometown during the holiday of Chinese New Year. However, most Chinese prefer « healthy and practical » gifts such as foods, electronics or cosmetics, and clothing is not at the top of the gift list. Uniqlo wanted to remind Chinese people that clothes could also be a relevant part of the holiday, by using location-based coupons and AI powered Wechat campaign to send them gift recommendations with one-click order button.

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Alder Play

By Alder Hey Children's Hospital

As the first hospital-wide patient experience app in the UK, Alder Play is revolutionizing patient care. Using gaming, chatbots and augmented reality, the app is a companion supporting young patients throughout their entire journey, reducing stress and anxiety along the way.

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Re : scam

By Netsafe

Designed by Netsafe, a New Zealand’s online safety organization, Re:scam is an AI chatbot designed to do the one thing you shouldn’t: reply to scams. By forwarding suspicious emails, the bot identifies scam and begins a never-ending conversation, so scammers waste their time instead of focusing on real targets. It’s capable of imitating multiple personalities and generate false account information.

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The Canceller

By Reclame Aqui

Canceling a service is often one of the most frustrating tasks for a consumer, big corporations create all kinds of obstacles to make people quit trying. Reclame Aqui decided to counter their tactics. The Canceller is a bot that integrates the powerful artificial intelligence of IBM Watson with Google Cloud. The bot is capable of calling the companies’ call centers to ask for the cancelling and it will never give up until the service is cancelled!

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By Microsoft

The image classification errors were decreasing by 50% year-over-year, meaning it was likely that it would catch up to human accuracy in the near future. Microsoft realized this might be an opportunity for helping people with visual impairments by bringing together the power of visual recognition, cloud and AI to deliver an intelligent app designed to help those people navigate their day with spoken audio.

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MY LINE Powered by Google

By Ministry of Communications and Technology of Colombia

The Ministry of Communications & Technology of Colombia wanted equal information access across its country where 90% of the territory is still rural with low rate of penetration of internet. They came up with the project “My Line” to allow people to have access to information on the internet via a standard phone without internet connection, thanks to Google Assistant.

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JFK Unsilenced

By The Times

The Times has once again demonstrated its expertise in news coverage by recreating, thanks to an AI and sound engineering, the speech John Fitzgerald Kennedy was supposed to deliver in Dallas on the 22nd of March, 1963. 1 billion editorial reach was one of the many consequences of this marketing campaign

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The Real Voice of Louis XIV

By Canal+

Canal+ decided to invite the Sun King himself to promote the final series of “Versailles”. They teamed with a group of historians and scientists worked for months on end, compiling data about the king, especially from his medical records. The data was then run through a voice simulation program and synthetic speech experts were able to recreate his voice. People now can even “talk” to him via a chatbot.

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The next Rembrandt


Rather than using data to improve business’ performance, ING chose a more artistic approach by using algorithms and 3D printing to offer to the world a new paining in Rembrandt’s style almost 4 centuries after the death of the Dutch painter

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