Étiquette : Artificial Intelligence

Mycarpulse Super ID


China has the single highest traffic deaths in the world. However, as most Chinese drivers are first-generation drivers in their family, they have very low awareness about the importance of car maintenance. Using AI and database, SAIC-GM developed “MyCarPuise” SUPER ID, in order to report car condition to each driver in a hyper-personalized way and to encourage them to get car maintenance service.

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Hope Never Dies

By Tencent QQ

Children abduction cases occur in China every day and few abducted children can be fund in a short time. Tencent uses a giant database and deep-learning system to help people to recognize their missing children by old photo taken years ago.

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Outthink Melanoma 


Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer but, ironically, also the easiest to treat with survival rate which can top 98%. The key of a successful treatment is spotting melanoma early. IBM Australia wanted to use Watson Smart Mirror to help skin cancer experts to detect melanoma sooner.

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