Étiquette : Audio recognition

The Quiet Taxi

By Hyundai Motor Group

Hearing-impaired people drive too, they are very careful and have extremely low accident rates. However, their problems still persist: they are too dependent on their sight and touch senses, and direction and different sounds may be misinterpreted while driving. Hyundai created “Quiet Taxi”, a car equipped with Audio-Tactile conversion and audio-visual conversion technology that can transform car horns, distance from obstacles and other external audio information into vibrations and LEDs lights on the steering wheel.

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Google home of Whopper

By Burger King

In our days where people are surrounded by advertising, getting audiences to listen & engage with a TVC is a struggle. However, voice search through smart devices like Google Home is seriously disrupting the ad world. And those voice activated devices are gaining adoption within US House-holds, with many keeping these devices in their living rooms near their TVs. Burger King saw the chance to win people’s attention back to their TVC by “hacking” those smart devices.

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MY LINE Powered by Google

By Ministry of Communications and Technology of Colombia

The Ministry of Communications & Technology of Colombia wanted equal information access across its country where 90% of the territory is still rural with low rate of penetration of internet. They came up with the project “My Line” to allow people to have access to information on the internet via a standard phone without internet connection, thanks to Google Assistant.

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By Eitb - Euskal Irrati Telebista

Yournalist is an application developed by the Spanish television channel EITB. It is the first application which allows audience to verify news reliability in real time wtih information with various editorial-angles. The application works as Shazam. It sends in real-time information to Watson, the artificial intelligence of IBM, in order to identify The various sources related to the same subject.

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Know you again

By Baidu

Alzheimer Disease China and Baidu created AI glasses for Alzheimer’s patients to help them recognize family members, pets and the people that matter most in their lives.

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The SoundBook

By The NordSüd

Nordsud the Swiss publishing house created an app who using voice recognition to create an acoustic atmosphere of a child book. The app can know exactly which parts of a story are being read aloud and plays the fitting sounds for each passage in the real time.

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The les Paul skill check

By Gibson, Les Paul

Gibson organize a musical test on shazam to try to win the last edition of the Les Paul designed by Bjorn Gelotte

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