Étiquette : Billboards

The Unaffordable Campaign

By Renault

During Argentina’s most recent economic crisis, small businesses were the first to bear the brunt. Renault Kangoo has a historical relationship with small companies. In this context of, Renault launched this campaign to show their most loyal clients the support and to generate engagement with the target by creating a branded platform where small companies can “plot” the new Renault Kangoo with their company’s logo and contact information for free. Then the advertising of Renault Kangoo will appear on mass media with the company’s logo and information on the image of vehicle.

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Highway Gallery 

By Louvre Abu Dhabi

Museum culture is not part of UAE culture. The museum of Louvre Abu Dhabi wanted to show local people that that art and museums are not boring. Almost 12,000 people commute every day between Dubai and Abu Dhabi by taking the highway, listening to radios but without much to look at. Louvre Abu Dhabi decided to merge highway outdoor billboards with radios into a new experience of museum visiting. 

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Car v.s. Data

By VIA Rial

In Canada the car is the fastest option when the road conditions are ideal. But when traffic and bad weather get in the way, the train becomes the best solution.  However, because of their unconditional love of cars, drivers tend to be overly optimistic about how long it actually takes to get somewhere by car, failing to factor real-time road conditions into their calculations. VIA Rail wanted to remind those drivers of the convenience of rail transport by sending them real-time message based on their traffic situation.

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Dear Media

By Dove

Dove raised awareness about media’s sexist quote by scanning all the comments they made on female athlete’s before sharing them on social media and digital on billboards. The quotes were followed by the message “Dear Media, when you only see a female athlete’s looks, you don’t see her at all.”

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By Sberbank

Sberbank processes transactions for 80 million clients and 1.2 million businesses. Data show that infrastructure often doesn’t meet local needs. People’s opinions on local needs fuel targeted campaigns, promoting loans for small businesses. Sberbank uses empty window fronts, billboards and geo-targeted online banners to ask locals’ opinions, offering algorithm-generated solutions. Local responses initiate an advertising campaign targeting suitable businesses.

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