Étiquette : Chatbot

Alder Play

By Alder Hey Children's Hospital

As the first hospital-wide patient experience app in the UK, Alder Play is revolutionizing patient care. Using gaming, chatbots and augmented reality, the app is a companion supporting young patients throughout their entire journey, reducing stress and anxiety along the way.

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Re : scam

By Netsafe

Designed by Netsafe, a New Zealand’s online safety organization, Re:scam is an AI chatbot designed to do the one thing you shouldn’t: reply to scams. By forwarding suspicious emails, the bot identifies scam and begins a never-ending conversation, so scammers waste their time instead of focusing on real targets. It’s capable of imitating multiple personalities and generate false account information.

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Google home of Whopper

By Burger King

In our days where people are surrounded by advertising, getting audiences to listen & engage with a TVC is a struggle. However, voice search through smart devices like Google Home is seriously disrupting the ad world. And those voice activated devices are gaining adoption within US House-holds, with many keeping these devices in their living rooms near their TVs. Burger King saw the chance to win people’s attention back to their TVC by “hacking” those smart devices.

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The Real Voice of Louis XIV

By Canal+

Canal+ decided to invite the Sun King himself to promote the final series of “Versailles”. They teamed with a group of historians and scientists worked for months on end, compiling data about the king, especially from his medical records. The data was then run through a voice simulation program and synthetic speech experts were able to recreate his voice. People now can even “talk” to him via a chatbot.

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Revieve, the digital beauty consultant

By Revive

Revieve, the digital beauty consultant analyses your selfies and, according to the results in terms of skin pigmentation, wrinkles or eye bags, delivers you personalized beauty product recommendations. On top of that, thanks to an AR program, you can visualize how your face would look like if you had used the recommended products.

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By Dunkin' Donuts

National Donut Day was originally established in 1938 by the Salvation Army to honor women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I. Dunkin’ Donuts, the #1 retailer of donuts in America, has been serving guests signature donuts for 67 years. For the National Donut Day of 2017, the brand partnered with technology firms to engage its core audience via social media.

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Chat Yourself

By Italia Longeva

There are 9.9 million new cases of Alzheimer’s each year. The amnesia confuses and scares the Alzheimer’s sufferers pushing them to become more and more self-contained. Italia Longeva wanted to improve the quality of life of Alzheimer’s in the early stages of the disease, by creating a chatbot messenger which collects the entire life of Alzheimer’s sufferers and gives them back vital information 24H a day.

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Mycarpulse Super ID


China has the single highest traffic deaths in the world. However, as most Chinese drivers are first-generation drivers in their family, they have very low awareness about the importance of car maintenance. Using AI and database, SAIC-GM developed “MyCarPuise” SUPER ID, in order to report car condition to each driver in a hyper-personalized way and to encourage them to get car maintenance service.

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Anonymous Friend

By Alcohol Anonymous

More and more Brazilian teenagers are getting close to alcohol, but don’t know how to talk to people about their alcoholic problem. Alcoholics Anonymous created a Facebook chatbot based on a data base of members’ testimodials, in order to talk with teenagers in a personalized way without any jugement, and to encourage them to ask for sober help.

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