Étiquette : Data synchronization

Fetch Across The Internet

By Mars, Inc. - Pedigree

The team united four of the biggest platforms for a completely unique user experience. Continuation rate was high : nearly all those opted to play Fetch across platforms chased the dog all the way across the internet until he reached the ball.

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Car v.s. Data

By VIA Rial

In Canada the car is the fastest option when the road conditions are ideal. But when traffic and bad weather get in the way, the train becomes the best solution.  However, because of their unconditional love of cars, drivers tend to be overly optimistic about how long it actually takes to get somewhere by car, failing to factor real-time road conditions into their calculations. VIA Rail wanted to remind those drivers of the convenience of rail transport by sending them real-time message based on their traffic situation.

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The Baltic Sea Card

By Bank of Åland

The Bank of Åland launched the Baltic Sea credit card that, thanks to the Åland Index, estimates customers’ CO2 emissions and therefore encourages them either to reduce those emissions or to compensate for their environmental footprint.

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By Wunderman Buenos Aires

The foundation Huésped has decided to set up an awareness campaign on the importance of HIV prevention tests in Argentina. They modified a machine normally used for patients to check-in. So instead of providing the usual appointment number, the machine handled an HIV statistic relevant to each person.

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Green Light Run

By Adidas

GREEN LIGHT RUN is an urban marathon race, where the runner doesn’t have to stop for any red light. Using traffic data provided by the local police department, and taking traffic signal patterns, distance, timing and safety all into account, adidas Japan brought a one-of-a-kind, urban race through the busy streets of Tokyo to life.

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The Colour Of Corruption

By Reclame Aqui

Reclame Aqui decided to expand its business to citizen-rights, exposing the nation’s new public enemy : corrupt politicians. They integrated their service into web browsers, search engines and social network. Corrupt politicians’ names are highlighted on the page and their corruption history would be listed by a single click.

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City Watch 

By Sulamérica

Sulamerica integrated City Watch, an application that cross-matches a huge amount of data generated by users from both companies then mapped out thousands of locations with high numbers of incidents, into smartphone GPS. Thus, Waze users get geo-targeted alert based on these informations before they get into trouble.

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Aami SmartPlates 

By Aami

AAMI, the Australia’s leading insurer, created Smartplates, an app which tracks and coach in a real time the learners. Every detail of every drive is recorded and analyzed. Driving Data is analyzed to tailor individual driving lessons based on learning gaps to reduce the risk of fatal accidents caused by lack of experience.

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Quest to Legoland

By Lego

LEGO reinvented the GPS experience for kids to create an immersive experience with the brand so that the children are not bored any more during the drive to LegoLand.

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