Étiquette : Smartphone application

Hyper Court

By Nike

Nike took iconic street courts in Manila and used data and design to transform them into a basketball coaches. Painted with portraits based on actual NBA players by NYC well-known illustrator Arturo Torres, each court unlocks a hyper-personalised training program and sends training drills to players, streamed in a data-free way using Google technology. 

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The Good Vibes Project

By Sense International India

For deafblind people, neither Pro-tactile Sign Language nor Braille allows them to communicate with other people independently and remotely in this digital era. Therefore, Sense India created The Good Vibes App, the first, two-way communication tool for the deafblind, that harnesses the power of the smartphone to empower the deafblind community across the world.

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By Mars New Zealand

Human love to take selfies, but dog don’t like it that much. To promote its product Pedigree DentaSTIX, Mars decided to win young dog owners by helping them to capture perfect dog selfies. The brand created SelfieSTIX, a smartphone accessory given away with products and supported by a smartphone application that analyzes dogs facial characteristics then puts funny filters on dog’s face.

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The Canceller

By Reclame Aqui

Canceling a service is often one of the most frustrating tasks for a consumer, big corporations create all kinds of obstacles to make people quit trying. Reclame Aqui decided to counter their tactics. The Canceller is a bot that integrates the powerful artificial intelligence of IBM Watson with Google Cloud. The bot is capable of calling the companies’ call centers to ask for the cancelling and it will never give up until the service is cancelled!

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By Microsoft

The image classification errors were decreasing by 50% year-over-year, meaning it was likely that it would catch up to human accuracy in the near future. Microsoft realized this might be an opportunity for helping people with visual impairments by bringing together the power of visual recognition, cloud and AI to deliver an intelligent app designed to help those people navigate their day with spoken audio.

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Woman interrupted

By BETC Sao Paulo

In order to raise awareness about men frequently interrupting women during conversations, BETC Sao Paulo developed an app that analyses how many time female voices are being interrupted by male voices.

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Sword Phoenix, the first digital therapist

By Sword Health

Thanks to motion trackers and to an artificial intelligence analyzing patient movements, Sword Phoenix helps physiotherapists to supervise patients’ progress remotely and to even increase the performance of the rehabilitation programs.

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Revieve, the digital beauty consultant

By Revive

Revieve, the digital beauty consultant analyses your selfies and, according to the results in terms of skin pigmentation, wrinkles or eye bags, delivers you personalized beauty product recommendations. On top of that, thanks to an AR program, you can visualize how your face would look like if you had used the recommended products.

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Air France app, your best travel companion

By Air France

The new updates of the Air France improve customer experience, for example by enabling passengers to see the number of kilometers they have been flying with Air France, by notifying them when the last order is inconsistent with the purchase history (for example if someone ordered a non vegetarian meal for the first time in 15 years) and by giving them access to the end of a movie during the 72 hours following landing

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