Étiquette : Smartphone application

Revieve, the digital beauty consultant

By Revive

Revieve, the digital beauty consultant analyses your selfies and, according to the results in terms of skin pigmentation, wrinkles or eye bags, delivers you personalized beauty product recommendations. On top of that, thanks to an AR program, you can visualize how your face would look like if you had used the recommended products.

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Air France app, your best travel companion

By Air France

The new updates of the Air France improve customer experience, for example by enabling passengers to see the number of kilometers they have been flying with Air France, by notifying them when the last order is inconsistent with the purchase history (for example if someone ordered a non vegetarian meal for the first time in 15 years) and by giving them access to the end of a movie during the 72 hours following landing

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Pocket Patrol

By Samsung Australia

Australia is known as a top beach destination the world over, however, every year thousands of people get caught in rip currents and drown. Sadly, 69% of Australians cannot identify rip currents. Samsung decided to team up with Surf Life Saving Australia to develop Pocket Patrol – a first of its kind app that displays exact positions of live beach dangers.

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The Humanz House party

By Gorillaz

The Gorillaz app not only enabled the band to draw consumers into their universe but also spurred the feeling of authentic experience, by offering to people worldwide the opportunity to be among the first to listen to their new album. As a consequence, the first sales week following the release of this new album has been the best in Gorillaz’ history.

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Sea Hero Quest

By Deutsche Telekom

Dementia is a growing health threat. To help scientists working towards finding a cure, Deatsche Telekom created this multi-platform game designed specifically to help advance the understanding of spatial navigation and therefore understand one of the first symptoms of dementia.

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Ant Forest

By Alibaba/Alipay

Alibaba holds the Chinese most used mobile payment Application Alipay and wanted to transform this giant user base into real carbon emission reduction. Alibaba created Ant Forest, an interface tracks purchases made through Alipay to award eco-friendly purchase by “green energy points” in the Ant Forest Program. After the green energy supplies reached 17.9KG, the virtual tree will turn into a real Haloxylon tree in the desert of Alashan desert of Inner Mongolia.

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Green Light Run

By Adidas

GREEN LIGHT RUN is an urban marathon race, where the runner doesn’t have to stop for any red light. Using traffic data provided by the local police department, and taking traffic signal patterns, distance, timing and safety all into account, adidas Japan brought a one-of-a-kind, urban race through the busy streets of Tokyo to life.

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Crafted by My Heart

By Des Co

Des & Co, one of more than 8000 Chinese manufacturers of jewelry in China wanted to stand out from the world of standardization and to provide customers with unique piece of jewelry when they’re having hard time choosing a special gift for lover. They launched CRAFTED BY HEART, a smartphone App that will detect user’s heartbeat then translate it into digital rendering of the ring. Different algoInrithm is used in order to ensure that no two pieces are alike and final products are produced by HD 3D printer.

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City Watch 

By Sulamérica

Sulamerica integrated City Watch, an application that cross-matches a huge amount of data generated by users from both companies then mapped out thousands of locations with high numbers of incidents, into smartphone GPS. Thus, Waze users get geo-targeted alert based on these informations before they get into trouble.

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