Étiquette : Visual recognition


By Microsoft

The image classification errors were decreasing by 50% year-over-year, meaning it was likely that it would catch up to human accuracy in the near future. Microsoft realized this might be an opportunity for helping people with visual impairments by bringing together the power of visual recognition, cloud and AI to deliver an intelligent app designed to help those people navigate their day with spoken audio.

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The Taste of Love

By Lacta

Greek chocolate brand Lacta combined branded entertainment, data and creativity during the 2018’s Valentines day by releasing a movie in which an AI tried to understand what love is and by launching a website where internet users could post things about love, thus helping the AI to gain valuable insights. 50% of Greek Internet users visited that website.

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Vacation Matchmaker

By Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

In order to ease travel preparations and attract tourists, the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development suggests trips and activities according to one’s social media profile.

In order to help drivers to improve car maintenance and to spend less on reparations, Carfit developed a sensor that analyzes, among other things, tire and brake wear through the vibrations of the car. The results are then sent in real time to a smartphone app that everyone can download for free.

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ShotTracker & Keemotion

By Keemotion

Keemotion’s technology enrichs basketball fans’ experience by enabling them to watch more basketball games from home and by providing them with statistical data about the game.

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Hope Never Dies

By Tencent QQ

Children abduction cases occur in China every day and few abducted children can be fund in a short time. Tencent uses a giant database and deep-learning system to help people to recognize their missing children by old photo taken years ago.

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Outthink Melanoma 


Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer but, ironically, also the easiest to treat with survival rate which can top 98%. The key of a successful treatment is spotting melanoma early. IBM Australia wanted to use Watson Smart Mirror to help skin cancer experts to detect melanoma sooner.

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Know you again

By Baidu

Alzheimer Disease China and Baidu created AI glasses for Alzheimer’s patients to help them recognize family members, pets and the people that matter most in their lives.

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Photo Coach

By Canon

Canon have decided to help all the photographers of NYC. The brand created interactive billboards who integrated different data to provide in real time the best advices to realize the perfect photos.

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The interactive parking Billboard

By Fiat

To promote the Park Assistance, Fiat have created an interactive billboard to help the motorist to park.

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