Étiquette : Website Application

Video Shopping with Google

By Google

Google is testing a new mobile video-platform for the consumers to help them discover, evaluate and buy products through 90-minute videos from influencers already present on YouTube.

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Remote Cheerer

By Yamaha Corporaton

Yamaha Corporation has been testing an application to help sports fans to stay involved in sports’ game (we are mainly talking about football here) in this context of COVID-19, where it is forbidden to settle a sports game with an audience. Thanks to the Remote Cheer System, fans will be capable of sending their cheering and instant reaction to the players that will be able to hear them through speakers installed in stadiums. It will re-create an atmosphere of a match.

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By Cochlear

Many Australians suffer from hearing loss, it takes sufferers seven years on average to seek help. This delay leads to social isolation, loss of relationships, reduced quality of life, and an increased likelihood of depression and cognitive decline. Cochlear wants Australians to understand, identify and act on their hearing loss before it’s too late, by making hearing loss, which is an “invisible disability”, visible.

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Little bit of the tour

By Skoda

By making it possible for people visiting their webpage to discover biking routes near their home similar to each of the 21 stages of the last Tour de France, Skoda improve its brand awareness by 40% in the UK.

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The Safest route

By Groupama

« The Safest Route » is a service developed by Groupama, its peculiarity is that he puts the priority on the safety road to choose.cBy pooling together Groupama’s local data and the French government accidentology data, …

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