• Agency : Wunderman Buenos Aires
  • Place :  Argentina
  • The Huésped Foundation is an Argentinian non-profit organization created in 1989 to fight against HIV
Objective / insight
  • First In Argentina 120,000 people are HIV positive but 30% of them don’t’ even know about it.
  • The test is the principal way to prevent HIV, and in case of a positive result, an early diagnosis can save people’s lives. That’s why everyone should get tested.


Implemented strategy
  • Huésped foundation modified the machine normally used for patients to check-in.
  • So instead of providing the usual appointment number, the machine handled an HIV statistic relevant to each person
  • 86% of the people who go to clinics to get a routine blood tested for HIV. So, the week around world AIDS day, used HIV statistics to provoke people and push them to do an HIV test



Technology implemented
  • First step : modified the machine that assigned appointments in clinics
  • Second step : using technology that analyzed age, gender and location
  • Third step : the machine printed an HIV statistic relevant for each patient
  • Fourth step : The statistics were shown on the screen indicating that the patients could turn to see the doctor
  • + 270% HIV test increase
  • 22 positive test results are already in treatment
  • $ 12 MM earned media
  • 44 MM media impressions
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