The Canceller

  • Agency : Reclame Aqui
  • Place : Brazil
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  • Reclame Aqui  is Brazil’s first web site dedicated to the protection of consumers rights.
Objective / insight
  • By analyzing more than 10 million complaints on Reclame Aqui’s platform in 2017, the campany found more than 1,5 million complaints (over 4.000 every day) from customers frustrated by their attempts to cancel services they no longer want.
  • As a web site dedicated to the protection of consumers rights, Reclame Aqui wanted to give consumers an innovative weapon to solve one of their most frustrating tasks: cancelling a service.
Implemented strategy
  • In order to understand how to execute such a complex project, the team studied the process and the obstacles that big corporations create to make the job of cancelling a service unbearable.
  • Customer only has to access the app, fill in their data, authorize the Canceller as their legal representative and choose the service to be cancelled. A bot will do the cancelling job for the user by calling the customer service center. Whenever a cancellation is successfully confirmed, a push notification will be sent.
  • The bot is capable of calling companies’ call centers and navigating past the endless machine protocols to talk directly to human representatives. It never gives up. And it gets better. The longer The Canceller is used, the more it learns and the smarter it becomes.
Technology implemented
  • A large amount of data has been collected by 1500 hours of test calls to companies’ call centers. Then a bot has been trained by machine learning – IBM Watson AI, and Google Cloud in order to have a properly data interpretation and response.
  • On the other end, the first customers to use The Canceller were selected from Reclame Aqui’s database – Latin America’s largest database of consumers’ complaints.
    Using an algorithm, the team was able to identify the customers who had complaints on record about difficulties in cancelling their contracts, and offered them the service.
  • So far the application has achieved the remarkable number of 92% of accuracy on cancelling contracts.


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