The Good Vibes Project

  • Agency : Cheil Worldwide India
  • Place : India
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  • Sense International India, also known as Sense India, is an organization that support and advocate for better services for deafblind children and adults across India.
Objective / insight
  • There are an estimated 6,00,000 deafblind persons around the world. Many more remain unknown. Since 95% of what we learn is through our eyes and ears, the deafblind, are highly disadvantaged.
  • While the progress of technology has touched our lives in unimaginable ways, the deafblind community has been left behind.
  • For them, the only medium of interpersonal communication is still Pro-tactile Sign Language, which requires physical contact with a person who can interpret it. Then Braille allows them to read, it remains a one-way communication system. What they sorely needed instead was a way to communicate with each other, and with the rest of the world.
  • Sense India wanted to creat a two-way communication tool for the deafbliend.
Implemented strategy
  • After interacting with the deafblind and their caregivers, the team realized that they had to design a user experience that replicates ‘touch & feel : since the deafblind deciphered all things by touch, they needed a technology or medium that could replicate tactile feedback. And it had to be easily available, affordable, and dependable.
  • The team created The Good Vibes App: the first, two-way communication tool for the deafblind that combines tactile inputs (tap/long press) and tactile outputs (distinct vibrations) based on Morse.
  • The launch of this application was followed by an immersive workshop where the caregivers were given English/Morse conversion training material along with the app downloaded on to their smartphones.
Technology implemented
  • Smartphone’s inherent ability to vibrate held promise as it provides the much-needed tactile feel.
  • Then the team converted the English alphabet into tactile inputs (tap/long press) and back into tactile outputs (distinct vibrations).
  • Thus, Good Vibes app interprets ‘short tap’ and ‘long press’ as ‘dot’ and ‘dash’ of Morse code.
  • The project has won 18 prestigious International and national awards with 6 awards at Ad Stars 2018 and 4 Red Dot Design Awards and recent win of a Bronze at Clio 2018.
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