The interactive parking Billboard

By Fiat
  • Agency : Leo Burnett
  • Place : Germany
  • Fiat is an Italian automaker
Objective / insight
  • What continues to cause headaches to millions of drivers? To park . That’s why parking assistance systems are becoming more and more popular.
  • Fiat has decided to place its parking assistance system at the heart of a creative campaign to convince and motivate potential buyers.
Implemented strategy
  • Fiat have created an interactive parking billboard, the first video billboard to help drivers to park.
Technology implemented
  • Developed software that uses ultrasonic sensors to control distance and synchronize data with the parking assistance billboard.
  • The video sequences were scripted so that the distance between the hands correspond precisely to the distance behind the vehicle.
  • During the campaign, the interactive billboard sign increased by 14% The demand for Fiat models with parking assistance systems.
  • It became the subject of discussion of the inhabitants and ensured a significant reduction in the number of damaged bumpers.