The les Paul skill check

  • Agency : Serviceplan
  • Place : Allemagne
  • Gibson is an american manufacturer of acoustic, electric guitar and instrument amplifiers. The LesPaul is the mythical model of the brand.
Objective / insight
  • Develop the brand image and convince the guitarists to buy the 2015 Edition guitar designed by Bjorn Gelotte
Implemented strategy
  • Creation of a musical test to be able to pre-order the 2015 edition LesPaul.
  • The participants had to perfectly play a song that was imposed on them.
Technology implemented
  • Integration of a database and an algorithm with the Shazam application in order to analyze the accuracy of the song played
  • Of the many participants, 250 of them passed the test.
  • Following the campaign, a sharp rise in pre-order requests was recorded, the guitar finished sold-out before even being distributed in stores.
  • The guitar were sold-out before even being distributed in stores.
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