The next Rembrandt

  • Agency : N/A
  • Place : Netherlands
  • ING, a international banking corporation operating in more than 40 countries
Objective / insight
  • Rembrandt’s last painting is almost 4 centuries old
  • Until nowadays, data has mainly been used to improve business’ performance
  • INPG, in collaboration with Microsoft, the Delft University of Technology and the Mauritshuis Museum, therefore decided to use data to touch the human soul by offering a new AI-made Rembrandt painting to the world
Implemented strategy
  • Rembrandt’s paintings have been thoroughly analyzed for example by calculating the average distance between the eyes of the people on the paintings according to gender and age.
  • Algorithms have then been set up to draw a new painting in Rembrandts’ style.
  • The project also aimed at promoting Dutch art in general
Technology implemented
  • 3D scanning has been used in order to get a height map of the painting
  • Algorithms have been developed to find patterns across Rembrandt’s numerous paintings
  • 3D printing was necessary to follow percisely the algorithms’ instructions
  • More than 1 400 articles written
  • 1.8 billion media impressions
  • 12,5 million euros earned media value
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