• Agency : Serviceplan Suisse
  • Place : Switzerland
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  • How to make the world more colorful in a sustainable way? It was the challenge that three friends have set themselves, Sean Pfister, Fabian Knup and Claudio Lumbiarres. The Trio succeed to reach their goal by creating Dilly Socks in 2013. It is a Swiss company which designs and creates authentic and colorful socks. The patterns are inspired by the colors and shapes of everyday life, and all are made from organic cotton.
Objective / insight
  • Why not shake up the codes and use 4 socks instead of 2? This the innovative idea of Dilly Socks by launching the #DillyGallopChallenge on TikTok. The aim is to record yourself galloping like a horse on all fours with socks on hands and feet. And the whole, rhythm with a funny song named “Do the silly walk”. Many TikTokers and influencers as well as Michelle Melody, Ava Vogel, Jean Carly, Geo Cadiias, Quoc-Anh Dao, Simo Bonito, Taulant Gashnjani and Eric Luthi have taken the plunge and played the game by galloping like a horse with socks. And it became a viral dance on TikTok.
Implemented strategy
  • The main strategy of the #DillyGallopChallenge was to allow customers to get a promo code to get 2 pairs for the price of one. In the same way, Dilly Socks made the promotion of its new collection through an interactive and fun ad campaign.By doing this challenge and sharing it on social networks, the brand also offers the opportunity to win one of the 10 surprise packages.
  • Rules are simple:
    1. Gallop on all fours with the #DillyGallopChallenge on TikTok
    2. Upload your video with #DillyGallopChallenge and tag it @DillySocks
    3. Win 1 of 10 Surprise Packages
Technology implemented
  • Challengers will be able to enjoy this viral dance on TikTok by using their smartphones and will have the chance to get a promo code for these socks on the online shop.
  • The brand blew up its TikTok following by 31.500% and generated 12.5 million views on its video.


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