The Safest route

  • Agency : Marcel Paris
  • Place : France
  • Groupama is a French mutual insurance company
Objective / insight
  • Since the seventies, The number of road accidents did not stop increasing.
  • Groupama think that the right tool is sometimes better than a good speech.
  • The brand want to participate to the national common effort by really changing behaviours on the road, and create a brand preference when the French think of choosing a new insurer.
Implemented strategy
  • before they happen.
  • With “THE SAFEST ROUTE”, everyone can easily compare the route that all GPS give, and to choose the fastest road or the safest road.
  • The service may be reliable, efficient and accessible on all devices.
  • It was launched with a cross-media campaign on a national scale (in-store, print, OOH, DOH, radio, social networks, web, e-mailing, PR).
Technology implemented
  • The brand created an algorithm by pooling together Groupama’s local data and the French government accidentology.
  • Notifications of its 3 million policyholders and geolocalisation data of the 700,000 reported accidents are used to create the algorithm of “The Safest Route”.
  • The map and data cover the whole country.
  • One year was necessary to develop “THE SAFEST ROUTE” (
  • The digital media campaign has generated over 13 million impressions during its first week.
  • A total of 30 million media impressions.
  • 5,5million € in earned media.
  • 3,5 million routes were calculated during the first week.
  • It also generated strong PR visibility.
  • Several TV shows dedicated entire reports to THE SAFEST ROUTE.
  • THE SAFEST ROUTE was shared more than 225,000 times.
  • Changed millions of drivers’ minds, and made sure more people think of Groupama when switching insurance.