The SoundBook

  • Agency : Jung Von Matt/Limmat Zurich
  • Place : Switzerland
  • NordSud is a swiss publishing house, know for its popular children’s books.
Objective / insight
  • Revive the pleasure of reading.
  • Create a new service to innovate the experience of reading
  • Improve the sales of books for child
Implemented strategy
  • Creation of an app to create a sound atmosphere.
  • The app broadcasts sound and music for the story you read out aloud to your children
  • To work it is enough to download the audio track of the book In the library of the app and to place your smartphone near of you.
  • The app also joins a service to teach to the children to read. When they read correctly the app rewards them with music or sound
Technology implemented
  • Via a voices recognition software, the app know exactly which parts of a story are being read aloud and plays the fitting sounds for each passage in the real time.
  • When you read “Owl” your smartphone goes “Hoohoo”.
  • An audio databank are produced to download all music and sound.
  • SoundBook app boosted book sales
  • Became No1, in the App stores.
  • 5 star consumer feedback and countless positive reviews.
  • 92% of those who have downloaded the app use it while reading aloud.
  • Sound Book itself will now be applied for a vast series of children’s books published by NordSud Publishing House.