The Taste of Love

  • Agency : OgilvyOne Athens
  • Place : Greece
  • Lacta, a Greek chocolate brand part of Mondelez International
Objective / insight
  • Lacta chocolate is strongly associated with love in Greece thanks to many advertisements connecting the brand to Valentine’s day.
  • Since 2013, Lacta and Ogilvy has started to produce branded entertainment, such as the movie “love in the End” or different web stories.
  • The 2018 Valentines’ day was therefore the perfect occasion for a new marketing campaign
Implemented strategy
  • Lacta first released a romantic movie, “the taste of love”, during which an AI asks to an middle-aged man “what does Lacta taste like”. The man answers by narrating his biggest love story.
  • Lacta then developed a website so that people can help the AI featured in the movie to understand how love tastes. People can either upload pictures connected to love or write a few sentences connected to love.
  • Website visitors can aslo see what the AI already learned. Thanks to image recognition, uploaded pictures have been sorted according to keywords such as art, smile or kiss, making it possible for people to scroll around all what has been posted.
Technology implemented
  • Algorithms and image recognition have been used in collaboration with Google to sort what visitors posted
  • Data such as the device used to visit the website, the location of the visitor and weather forecasts were analysed in real time to surprise website visitors
  • A large database describing love, mainly through pictures, has been gathered
  • 50% of Greek Internet users have visited the website (2,5 million out of 5 million)
  • Ranked among the top 3 most engaging post on Facebook
  • Lacta’s Youtube channel became the most popular in Greece


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