• Agency : FF Paris
  • Place : France
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  • The Historial de la Grande Guerre (Museum of the Great War) is a French museum located in Préronne, near the heart of the World War I Somme battlefields.
Objective / insight
  • 2018 marks the Centenary of the Armistice.
  • Regardless of their nationalities or origins, millions of human beings involved in the conflict, both men and women were victims of the horrors of the First World War.
  • The Historial de la Grande Guerre has a large collection of portraits of people involved in this war, many of them are now unknown.
  • Thus, the museum wanted to memorialize the stories and faces of all those who have lost their lives in WWI, and to share the message of peace, by using this collection of portraits and new technologies.
Implemented strategy
  • The museum teamed up with FF Paris. The project was to overlaid the 30 000 portraits of people involved in the WWI by using the algorithm, to make up an unique face “The Unknown Face”.
  • The project will be presented on its own website where  users can navigate among the 30,000 portraits in the database and can also read some interesting bios. There is also a four-minute behind-the-scenes video that we hope helps users understand how we created the site.
  • This work was also unveiled at the Historial de La Grande Guerre, as an interactive digital work of art. Visitors of the museum can browse through the tens of thousands of faces that constitute it.
Technology implemented
  • The teamed passed thousands of hours to scan the portraits and upload them into the data-base.
  • The algorithm specially developed for the purpose of creating faithful face synthesis will allow this face to evolve over time according to the portraits that will continue to be collected from the archives.
  • Recent project, no information of result yet


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