Top Gifting Choice by Uniqlo

  • Agency : Mindshare China
  • Place : China
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  • Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer.
Objective / insight
  • Every Chinese New Year, people travel long way to their hometowns to see family’s elder members, and they always bring gifts.
  • 61% of Chinese think it’s hard to find a good gift for their parents or parents in law. Meanwhile, 58% of Chinese think that “heathy and practical” are major factors to consider when choosing gifts.
  • That’s why for Chinese New Year, people are more likely to give food, cosmetics or electronic products as gifts, and clothing is never on their top of mind when it comes to gift-giving.
  • Uniqlo wanted to be part of the gift-giving season by reminding Chinese people that clothes could also be a relevant part of the holiday.
Implemented strategy
  • Prior to the holiday, Unqlo identified target consumers : young people who will return to their hometowns for a family reunion, sending them relevant ads and coupons as a reminder to buy clothing gifts for their family back home.
  • During the holidays, Uniqlo launched a mobile campaign via Wechat, inviting people to take family photos and share them online. Then the AI will suggest Unqlo products according to age, gender, personality of every family members, accompanied with a one-click order button.
  • Uniqlo didn’t forget those who cannot go back home during the holiday : they can still use the “order online, pick up offline” service to buy uniqlo clothing, then their family members could pick up their gifts at a Uniqlo store in the hometown.
Technology implemented
  • Location-based services, mobile payment data on plane and train ticket are using to identify targets of coupons.
  • The Wechat campaign is powered by artificial intelligence. When users upload their family reunion photos, the AI will analyze their age, gender, personality (according to their smile) and find a matched Uniqlo products.
  • 14.24 million consumers given UNIQLO coupons
  • 1.04 million family pictures were uploaded in the WeChat feature
  • 744,000 consumers became new UNIQLO store members


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