Let’s dance for a Whopper

  • Agency : David Miami
  • Place : U.S.A
Advertiser :
  • Burger King is an American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Tiktok is a Chinese video-sharing social network app used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos.
Objective / insight
  • The goal of this campaign is to expand their brand image through new ways of communication.
  • With the pandemic that took over the world, people are now more endeemed to go on their socials and companies need to innovate on their way to communicate with them to keep their relationship intact.
  • The Whopper Dance campaign is an innovative way for BK to interact with their customers and promote their own digital channels.
  • People needed to be entertained and if that can make them buy a Whopper, it is all good.
  • The BK brand will be able to learn more about their community and grow their influence on the famous platform that is TikTok. It is also a way to gain information that will contribute to the optimization of their social media strategy and increase the number of downloads of their app.
Implemented strategy
  • Users should follow the BK account on TikTok and then have to post their personalized Whopper dance (the tutorial is taught by TikTok famous users) on the app to be contacted by Burger King which will give them a unique code on TikTok to use in the BK mobile app.
  • This code will get them a $1 Whopper. You must dance to the official Whopper dance song to be counted out and receive the code.
Technology implemented
  • The Whopper dance hashtag used on TikTok helps BK to measure the engagement of the community towards the main product of the brand.
  • Your order for a $1 Whopper will be counted and you will receive a special coupon that you have to put on the BK mobile app to get your reward.
  • The #WhopperDance hashtag had already received 31M views on TikTok. The promo ended on June 21, 2020.


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