• Agency : Xiaomi
  • Place : China
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  • For 11 years Xiaomi based in Pekin is specialized in the manufacture of electronic products such as mobile phone, headphones, tablets, connected bracelet, television, cameras, external batteries, routers. And other products in the field of home automation and internet services. The logo « Mi » refers to « Mobile Internet » or « Mission Impossible », as they explained, the brand “faces many challenges that seem impossible to overcome these days”. Currently, Xiaomi is the second largest brand selling smartphones in 2021 behind Samsung and surpassing Apple. The company shows a surprising growth of 83% since 2020.
Objective / insight
  • Imagine not needing your phone to send messages, take pictures, go on social networks, or use your GPS. It seems unthinkable, isn’t it? Think again because the phone company Xiaomi is trying the impossible. “Someday in the future, smartphones may become a thing in the past”, it is the catchphrase of the company Xiaomi for its new connected glasses, called Xiaomi Smart Glasses. It will allow you to substitute your phone. These glasses, that only weigh 51g, will function with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, a battery and a five-megapixel camera.
Implemented strategy
  • With Apple and Facebook having already released smart glasses previously, Xiaomi intends to stand out and assert itself on this futuristic market. Compared to the company’s competitors, Xiaomi wants to create glasses completely independent of the phone. This means that these glasses will not need any constant connection to the phone.
Technology implemented
  • A Micro LED screen is integrated into these glasses and will enable you to see in augmented reality all functionalities of your phone. « Using a set of guide lenses, the light beams from this tiny screen are not projected directly onto the eye but refracted many times before reaching the eyes. The information is then superimposed on top of each other, providing a non-invasive augmented reality experience ».
  • For the moment, Xiaomi does not market this product, it is still under research.


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