• Agency : The Cyranos//Mccann
  • Place : Spain
  • EiTB is a company emanating from the autonomous government of the south Basque Country (Euskadi) in charge of the broadcasting of the radio and the public regional television.
Objective / insight
  • 81% of people get their information from only one source of news
  • The media has to be fast, but it’s hard to check the reliability of information in the news
  • Eitb – Euskal Irrati Telebista created the application Yournalist which allows people to check different sides of stories and news
Implemented strategy
  • Yournalist is The first app that lets you check in real time, millions of stories related to the same news item and gives you the most widely different angles of coverage all over the world.
  • The app captures the sound of news item from your tv and radio, and lets you check it in real time with millions of stories and gives you the 6 most important points of view
Technology implemented
  • Yournalist works like Shazam. It is necessary to activate the application when you watch or listen news on tv or radio
  • In Real time, Yournalist identifies the topics of the news and it sends then to Watson to selects the keywords
  • A deep learning algorithms analyzes key words to find other news that match the topics
  • Watson selects 6 most widely-differentiated points of view in correspondence with the topics of the stories
  • Reviewed positively in the main technology and general media outlets (4 stars in the magazine iCreate)
  • The service is used today by more than 40 editorial teams around the world
  • EITB became the first independent and objective media outlet in spontaneous mention in the regions where it operates
  • 83% of users use it as their prime source of information on their mobile.
  • Sent to more than 50,000 subscribers outside the Basque Country
  • Coverage in the main general media outlets
  • Second stage of funding to launch it globally