• Agency : YUKA
  • Place : France
  • Yuka, a French independent start-up
Objective / insight
  • French consumers concern more and more about the product’s composition, but normally brands just indicate the most basic nutritional contents, such as calories, fat, carbohydrate and protein, on their packaging
  • Yuka want to improve consumers’ eating habits by making them takes into account more specific nutritional criterias, the presence of additives and whether it is organic or not
Implemented strategy
  • Yuka is an application where you can scan the bar code on your products and the app will analyze products’ impact on health
  • Then the application will make a summary of your purchases over the last 30 days and visualize your food according to their impact on health
  • When you scan a product that has a negative impact, Yuka recommends you a better equivalent product
Technology implemented
  • The calculation method of the nutritional values is based on the recommendations of Professor Serge Hercberg within the framework of the National Health Strategy proposed by French State
  • Products are listed in a database, directly energizable by users.
  • Using an algorithm, every scans displays the product’s sheet and classifies it in category from mediocre to excellent
  • 4,7/5 stars over 12,000 views on AppStore
  • More than 500,000 products evaluated
  • Top 20 best free apps on AppStore (March 2018)
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