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Measuring the effectiveness of multi-media advertising.

AdScore is a barometric solution for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and measuring the cross-media effects of campaigns. This specific methodology allows for a precise diagnosis of the effectiveness of campaigns by measuring:

  • The memorization of advertising
  • The attractiveness of creation
  • Level of activation
  • Specific criteria related to the brand image


A barometric measurement that has allowed us, over time, to build a database of effectiveness.


The first measurement of effectiveness of digital billboard.

Just like other media, advertising billboard is also digitalized to become more dynamic and connected. This digitalization led to new problems in terms of measurement of the effectiveness of advertising.


How do people perceive this media evolution? What are the best approaches to implement creativity? It is to answer these questions that we developed Digiscore, a specific methodology for measuring the impact of digital signage campaigns and for setting baseline database of campaign effectiveness.


The measurement of impact and influence of different touch points between brands and consumers.

To identify the best moments to « touch » the consumers for a brand in a certain sector, iligo has developed an exclusive protocol: Marketing Touch Score.


This approach aims to measure the experience between individuals and brands by analyzing the effectiveness of all marketing actions regardless of whether they are above or below the line, media or non-media…in order to optimize the ROI of marketing and communication strategies.


The Maketing Touch Score study allows to:

  • Determine the most useful marketing levers for a certain product category ;
  • Identify useful touch points and hierarchize them in terms of impact and function;
  • Identify marketing levers for brands;
  • Diagnose the current use of existing touch points, and compare them to the use of the same touch points by main competitors in the same sector.


The measurement of marketing levers’ influence at each step of consumer journey.

Along with the proliferation of media and products, one’s consumer journey is getting considerably complex: the buying process of today is no longer a funnel, but a circular one, which is the postulate of the Consumer Journey.


This approach takes into account the different stages of buying process, from the moment the consumer ask for information about a product till the post-purchase moment when he or she has the opportunity to recommend a brand to others or influence his or her peers’ decision-making.


Iligo designed this innovative approach in order to restore this dynamic flow of Consumer Journey and to measure the impact of various touch points at each significant steps within the journey.


The measurement of emotions as indicators of efficiency and effectiveness

This solution “Emotion Score” aims to collect, measure and compare in real time different emotions evoked by media. Moreover, the importance of this protocol is to cross these data with results declared by post-exposure respondents.


This solution aims to combine passive and declarative measure, in order to better analyze and understand the effectiveness of media content, using technology to make human the core of reflection and creation.


The meusure of ROI of marketing levers.

It is about building a database mixing the histories of the variable to be explained (the sales, most often) with the histories of all potential variables (weather, advertising, CRM, promotions, number of points of sale).


Thanks to complex statistical analyzes, it is possible to isolate the contributions (or not according to the results of each levers).


Olivier Goulet, founder of iligo, has built the in France at the end of the 1990s the Omnicom Group’s modeling offer (OMD Metrics, now called Brand Science), then developed the analogical system for WPP group in the mid-2000s (Ohal).

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