What is a research agency?

Our team iligo is composed of junior and senior consultants. We privilege a transversal and integrated approach articulated around three main poles of expertise:

COMMUNICATION - iligo Research Agency - Agence d’études

Understand the usage and attitudes of consumers

INNOVATION iligo Research Agency - Agence d’études

Measure the marketing levers

INNOVATION RESEARCH - iligo Research Agency - Agence d’études

Measure the potential of innovative products and services

Digital revolution, changes in the market, individualization of behavior… All of these evolutions are complicating the real life and permanently modifying the relationship of individuals to institutions, corporations, brands and media. Nothing stays the same in our days: with the multiplication of connections and augmented mobility, people in our society are constantly changing their ways of thinking, acting and accessing information.  In order to better understand and respond to these new issues, iligo defines itself as a RESEARCH AGENCY.


RESEARCH because iligo analyzes and anticipates the emerging trends. It is all about being operational by relying on reliable data and observations, both quantitative and qualitative. AGENCY because iligo relies upon this methodological know-how to lead to operational and strategic advice and input, which also allows us to make our studies useful for real decision-making.


To do this, we rely on a set of proprietary tools and partnerships developed and strengthened over the years:

Proprietary panels
  • EveryOpinion: a panel of 20,000 French urbanites, representative of the target
  • MooveOpinion: a panel of 5,500 people from the Paris region, representative of the target
  • Individuals can be interviewed at any time
  • Qualified panelists according to their socio-demographic characteristics, media consumption and attendance at consumption sites
Mobiligo, a mobile interrogation solution
  • A proprietary application
  • Allows you to collect people’s opinions on the spot and in situ
  • For example: at the point of purchase, at the moment a media is consumed, live at an event
  • Unprecedented: allows studies to enter into moments of experience and consumption
Partnerships with start-ups for innovative interrogation methods
  • Measuring emotions with electrodermal bracelets
  • Measuring emotions with facial coding
  • Eye-tracking to capture the spontaneity of gazes
  • Audio-matching: audio detection
  • Online communities of individuals: an interactive quality solution
  • Semantic analysis with AI
iligoboard, an innovative platform for presenting results

Surveys about touch points conducted across multiple sectors:

  • A rethought and interactive restitution of results
  • A secure approach because it can be adapted to the user’s role in the organization

Here are some examples of mission we conducted recently:

Mixed methodologies
  • Measurement of emotions with neuroscience, and of engagement in advertising effectiveness for TF1 Publicité ;
  • Paper Emotion : measurement of emotions in real condition with neuroscience and eye-tracking technology for Médiapost Publicité;
  • Luxury Lovers: influence of new digital media on consumers of luxury goods from 4 countries for Microsoft Advertising Worldwide.
Understanding of media usage
  • Measurement and analysis of simultaneous use between Twitter and television, by taking into account the benefit of consumer and advertiser experience;
  • Multi-screen study on the measurement of TV engagement;
  • Analysis of the navigation and user experience on tactile devices for a new technology company.
Measurement of media effectivenes
  • Comparative analysis of simulated real-world video’s effectiveness when applied to 19 formats;
  • Pre and post advertising tests
  • Measurement of effectiveness of video advertising upstream of replay on all kinds of devices in addition to a television communication for a TV channel;
  • Study on the perception of digital billboard in different formats, using eye-tracking technology.
Touch points

Surveys about touch points conducted across multiple sectors:

  • Luxe, Fashion-Accessories, Beauty-Cosmetic ;
  • Fast-moving consumer goods ;
  • High-tech-Computer science ;
  • Telephony (operators and providers)
  • Banking and E-commerce
Measurement of marketing ROI

Measurement of ROI on different marketing levers in multiple sectors:

  • Fast-moving consumer goods ;
  • Banking-Insurance ;
  • Pure player
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