Innovation Research


A recreated advertising experience, regardless of the medium

The method consists of testing communications after exposure to an identically recreated advertising environment, while controlling the conditions of diffusion. It can be used in environments as diverse as digital, television and public transport.


The method, which opens up countless possibilities, is all the more relevant now that cookies can be used less and less effectively to target exposed individuals.


Emotions and Eye-tracking: measuring spontaneous reactions

A number of partnerships allow us to offer measurements of spontaneous reactions, without filter, for insights based on neuroscience. First, emotions, which are our primary reactions to external stimuli, provoked by communications, products…


Then, different eye-tracking methods allow to follow the gaze of individuals, from the most to the least sophisticated, in moving or static contexts.

To optimize responsible communications

A holistic measurement of communications on various CSR topics, with a choice of one or more of the following links in the value chain :

  • Values (see below)
  • The touch points
  • Message
  • Brand image


The effect of communications on the evolution of the values that the French attribute to a brand

A solution that tracks the evolution of the values that the French attribute to a brand after one or several communication actions. The values are based on the Schwartz & Rokeach work in psycho-sociology, which identified a set of universal values that transcend different cultures. The values measured are divided into several categories: humanistic, economic, moral, personality-related, and social and environmental responsibility values.


The indicator to assess the potential of new concep

StrartScore is an innovation measurement solution, to evaluate the potential of a new concept and its target. This indicator include three parameters : concept novely, concept interest and individual concept interest.


The measurement of innovation to meet consumers’ expectations

A process of support and brand study, around different approaches to innovation:


Repositioning your organization and/or your brand

Support and recommendation for brands in terms of positioning, marketing initiatives, business strategy and development assistance.

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Understand the usage and attitudes of consumers

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Measure the marketing levers

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Measure the potential of innovative products and services