Innovation Research


The indicator to assess the potential of new concep

StrartScore is an innovation measurement solution, to evaluate the potential of a new concept and its target. This indicator include three parameters : concept novely, concept interest and individual concept interest.


The measurement of innovation to meet consumers’ expectations

A process of support and brand study, around different approaches to innovation:


The meseurement of perception of new packaging.

In collaboration with product test specialists, we developed this solution to measure effectiveness of products packaging and to identify its impact on consumers. Information gathered via this solution is consistent with real-life purchasing situation and allows brands to quickly obtain key lessons on products development.


Repositioning your organization and/or your brand

Support and recommendation for brands in terms of positioning, marketing initiatives, business strategy and development assistance.

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Understand the usage and attitudes of consumers

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Measure the marketing levers

INNOVATION RESEARCH - iligo Research Agency - Agence d’études

Measure the potential of innovative products and services